Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trough Candidate wins Home News endorsement again

Despite the fact Assemblyman Barnes first act after winning the assembly seat in 2007 was to appropriate $100,000 to the entire budget of the Edison Symphony Orchestra in a year when we supposedly had no money and raised the sales tax 1% to help property taxes, has voted to raise taxes 115 times since then, voted yes for $9 billion dollars (along with Patrick Diegnan) in tax increases, received an “F” rating with the NFIB, he still managed to receive the Home News Editorial Endorsement.

One of the editors wanted to know why we don’t mandate private business to raise their salaries. My response to Mr. Racz, was if we have business moving out of state because they can’t afford to stay in New Jersey, how would you then mandate they raise their salaries, and expect them to return? And, how would you mandate this? I also pointed out that many minorities and uneducated have higher unemployment levels, and are being displaced because of the current job market, and mandating higher salaries from the private sector would only make it worse. Is this the next wave of liberal thinking, to try and mandate the salaries of private business? There is a reason it is called free enterprise.

I ran for Congress, knowing full well my chance of upsetting the Congressional seat was slim, but nevertheless I ran a hard campaign, again on limited funds against a well entrenched establishment. Politickernj had said that I received only 2% less votes than Buster Soaries, who in a better year spent over $1 million. One editor from the Courier News actually jumped out of his seat and pointed his finger at me calling me prejudice and walked out of the room for my stating of the facts on illegal immigration when I ran for Congress. It could be this same editor still holds a grudge as he was partial to favoring my opponent.

I had made some comments regarding Corzine at that same Review Board, having told them why someone would vote for this man for governor, when he won’t tell us his tax plans until after he is elected. The next day it was as if I wrote their Editorial Opinion page, it was printed almost verbatim, as witnessed by my running mate that year. As it turned out, the governor came out with his infamous asset monetization plan two months after he took office.

What I find ironic is that I received the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey endorsement (CIANJ) from a panel of New Jersey businessmen. An endorsement I received because of my vision and plans on bringing business and jobs back into the state, and ways to place people back in the job market. An endorsement I place much more regard in, than that of an Editorial Review Board, an endorsement that is not given lightly by the business community.

The editorial failed to mention that I missed winning the last go around by less than 6%, with little money, and being outspent 20 to 1. I don’t put much faith in the Editorial Boards Opinion as it is only their opinion, what I find disturbing is how they go out of their way to make personal comments.

With that said, I would like to congratulate my running mate Bob Jones for his receiving the honors this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to campaign with. Bob is also concerned about the high taxes in this state, coupled with a sputtering economy. His insight to cutting costs if elected would be an asset to the voters in this state.

Joe Sinagra
NJ 18th District Assembly Candidate

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