Friday, November 23, 2012

Bipartisanship works; let's see it more often

Many of our state leaders crossed the aisle and put aside their partisanship to aid so many citizens in distress. As much as we would like to attack our opponents on many issues, there comes a moment in time to give credit for their ability to work in sync.

Republican and Democrat alike, Gov. Chris Christie, Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan, Assemblyman Peter Barnes, Senator Sam Thompson, Senator Jon Bramnick, our newly elected President Barack Obama, mayors, and council people, along with so many of our politicians throughout the state, came together during Hurricane Sandy without regard to party affiliation.

There was no one particular official thumping a chest grandstanding to say “Hey, look at me.” And speaking of chests, Gov. Christie went without sleep, along with having a chest cold during the crisis without complaint.

Politicians during a time of need took the time to put aside their bickering, their platform agendas, and differences. For once leadership, compassion, and innovation came through for the people of New Jersey. The proverbial “red tape” was put aside to do what had to be done, and showed what could be done when necessary.

Let’s continue to show New Jersey’s citizens our legislators can work together to benefit all and not just in a time of crisis.

~ Joe Sinagra