Saturday, October 29, 2011

Diegnan and Barnes Not So Transparent Advertising

"I'm outraged that every two years me and a lot of other people in this state have to put up with this baloney, I find it personally insulting." ~ Patrick Diegnan (18th District Assemblyman)

The TV ads attack my running mate on her salary when she worked at the prosecutor's office . . . what you don’t hear is that Assemblyman Peter Barnes brother Patrick also worked as a prosecutor, making the same salary my running mate previously did before going into private practice . . . and not a word can be heard.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trying to shake up Buono, GOP State Committee zeroes in on Diegnan in LD18

PolitickerNJ   By Max Pizarro | October 21st, 2011 - 6:44pm   

Political forward observers said it would happen and it just did.

The almost clear, post industrial skies of the Democratic Party-leaning 18th District filled with a steady, two-week GOP barrage targeting the team of Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-18).

The heaviest artillery fire – in fact, all of it – landed on Buono’s running mate, Assemblyman Pat Diegnan (D-18), South Plainfield, in the form of five mailers paid for by the Republican State Committee and launched after the ELEC’s 29-day pre-election day deadline.

Its coffers boosted by nationwide barmstorming by Gov. Chris Christie, the GOP sneak attack bombarded Diegnan as a public dime attorney.

“The devastation of the Great Recession was not felt by Pat Diegnan who was paid quite well while many in New Jersey lost their jobs, homes and life savings,” said 18th District Republican Assembly Candidate Joe Sinagra of Helmetta, irritated by Diegan making $1.5 million since 2000 from public paychecks.

“Pat Diegnan approved 115 tax increases last decade including many such as taxes on payroll, income and sales, which had a direct impact on the businesses that shed jobs,” the Republican challenger added. “If you hear Pat Diegnan talking about creating jobs, be sure to ask whether he’s talking about creating jobs for us, or creating jobs for himself that we’ll pay for.”

A New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) point person and impediment to the GOP governor's charter schools agenda, Diegan brushed off the attack as the handiwork of Tea Party extremists.

“A portion of that is my assembly salary,” said the incumbent Democrat, who currently retains one contract in Spotswood.

“But, look, I’m not embarrassed by that. I’m proud of my public service record. I’m brought of having served in South Plainfield and Millstone, and served with Democratic, Republican and nonpartisan mayors. Believe me, these are not no-show jobs.”

The assemblyman said he doesn’t intend to go negative, but couldn’t help scratching his head over the employment record of one of his rivals: Sinagra running mate Marcia Silva.

“The only jobs Pat Diegnan created are ones that drain tax dollars,” jabbed Silva, a former Assistant Middlesex County prosecutor.

That flabbergasted Diegnan.

“She is the public defender in South River!” exclaimed the incumbent Democrat. “If she thinks it’s improper for me to serve in the assembly, she must think the same about herself.”

The CW here is the state GOP doesn’t want to wound Diegnan so much as rattle top-of-the ticket incumbent Buono, a potential 2013 challenger to Christie.

Although Sinagra ran against Diegnan two years ago and came within 2,000 votes in a roughly 24,000 to 26,000 loss, some sources attribute 2009’s relative closeness to anti-Corzine rage more than anything.

The Democrats say they know anger abides – admit rage might be the better word at this point, and the GOP is definitely working with the idea that the atmosphere may be sufficiently combustible for LD 18 Dem casualties.

In a statement, GOP Campaign Manager Mandi Stirone made sure Buono's and Diegnan’s running mate, Assemblyman Peter Barnes (D-18) didn’t go undinged in making the GOP case.

“Pat Diegnan and Peter Barnes are Trenton politicians who have made life harder for working class families,” Stirone said. “…Joe Sinagra and Marcia Silva are fresh faces with new ideas. They are committed to work across the party aisle to make Middlesex County and New Jersey more affordable again and to create good paying jobs. Joe and Marcia fighting to make sure life in New Jersey is better for their children and grandchildren. They aren’t looking for the next taxpayer funded politically appointed position."

A Republican source told the intent with the mail is a very real attempt to demolish Diegnan, remove a rumble strip from Christie's education designs and steal an Assembly seat in the process. But most insider sources on both sides still say the Republican's ultimate target here remains Buono, who Democrats say has solid approval numbers in her home district, and who appears focused on using a senate re-election victory as leverage for a statewide run against the governor.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan hired his Wife and Daughter to work in his legislative office

Published in the Home News Tribune 11/02/03 -
18th District:  Democrat Patrick Diegnan faces ethic
questions after he hired both his wife and daughter to work in his legislative office . . . Diegnan also holds municipal attorney positions in his district.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Can NJ's 18th District Afford to Keep the Status Quo?

Supports Silva, Sinagra for Assembly

It is incredible how our Democratic representatives in the 18th Legislative District are so far out of touch with their constituents and are once again trying to fool them. Just read state Sen. Buono’s news release reacting to Mayor Stahl’s endorsement of Republican Marcia Silva for the Assembly Monday: “Patrick, Peter and I are unshakable partners in the fight for families across Central Jersey”... “We worked to help middle-class families get tax relief by asking millionaires to pay their fair share”... “Reforming education funding”...

Let see how they worked for the middle-class:

? They let the millionaire tax expire.

? They voted for every tax increase that came in front of them during the Corzine and McGreevey years.

? The education reform she is talking about was to give more money to schools with no strings attached (your tax money), in an effort to secure teachers’ votes for the next election, all the while fighting at every level the real reform that Governor Christie proposed.

? The ethics reform proposed by our governor has been sitting on their desks with no action for more than one year.

Where were Barnes, Diegnan and Buono when Corzine, McGreevey and other governors balanced their budgets on the backs of the same people they now claim to fight for?

Is this the kind of representatives you want to re-elect? They don’t deserve it. In this election give a chance to two hardworking newcomers, not career politicians, vote for Marcia Silva and Joe Sinagra for the Assembly.

Miklos Bognar Sr.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If taxpayers needed proof beyond their high tax bills that Pat Diegnan and Peter Barnes have failed them in Trenton, the duo failed an independent review conducted by the New Jersey Taxpayer Alliance, 18th District Republican Assembly candidates Joseph Sinagra and Marcia Silva said today.

“The big F’s that Pat Diegnan and Peter Barnes received for their destructive tax-raising, jobs-killing policies should be a prelude to the boot out the door they will get from the taxpayers they failed to represent in Trenton,” Sinagra, the former Helmetta Council President, said. “Pat Diegnan’s policies are so wrong for taxpayers and job creation that he is one of four Assembly members to vote against capping property taxes.

“Pat Diegnan basically told property taxpayers who have the highest bills in the nation that he doesn’t care how high they go,” Sinagra added.

The Taxpayer Alliance rated legislators based on eight critically important votes from the previous session, including, income tax increases, pension reform and property tax cap. Pat Diegnan scored 43 percent; Peter Barnes scored 57 percent.

“The low scores are more than a poor reflection on our opponents, but represent high taxes and job destruction that they have supported in Trenton,” said Silva, a former Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor who is now a successful small business owner.

“The good news is that if voters send low-tax, job-growth candidates like Joe and me to Trenton, we’ll be able to reverse the damage caused by Trenton politicians like Diegnan and Barnes.

The 2011 New Jersey Taxpayers Alliance Legislative Scorecards are available at

Thursday, October 6, 2011


SOUTH RIVER -- 18TH District Republican Assembly candidates Joseph Sinagra and Marcia Silva called on their opponents, Pat Diegnan and Peter Barnes, to repeat their objections to the historic pension reform now that Governor Christie announced it will deliver $267 million worth of property tax relief this year.

“Assemblyman Diegnan and Barnes were wrong to oppose the pension reform that fixed a long-festering property for taxpayers and public employers that was heightened by their tax and spend policies,” Sinagra said. “I’d like to see them reaffirm their opposition to this historic reform now that it’s delivering $267 million worth of property taxes to homeowners and businesses.

“This is real relief for families and will help enable businesses to create jobs,”Sinagra added.

Governor Christie announced today the total amount of savings enabled by the Legislature’s historic pension reform enacted this summer, which had bipartisan support except for Diegnan and Barnes.

“In the one of the defining votes of their political careers, Diegnan and Barnes voted against taxpayers and public workers, and for more stifling tax bills that destroyed our economy,” Silva said. “Diegnan and Barnes were a road block to reform, but fortunately they were steam rolled.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Private Enterprise Political Action Committee (PENPAC) announced its endorsements of pro-business, pro-jobs candidates seeking General Assembly seats in districts throughout New Jersey.

“Our board of trustees was impressed by these candidates. They understand our philosophy and they want to create jobs, lower taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations and rein in government to make New Jersey more competitive,” said Richard Goldberg, chairman of PENPAC, which is affiliated with the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey.

Independent Business Federation picks Joe Sinagra and Marcia Silva over tax-hiking incumbents in NJ's 18th District

Joseph Sinagra and Marcia Silva, 18th District Republican Assembly candidates, received the endorsement of the New Jersey National Federation of Independent Business, yet another sign that the incumbents’ failed tax-hiking policies must be eliminated in order to spur job creation in New Jersey.

“Patrick Diegnan voted to raise taxes by nearly $10 billion over the last decade. Peter Barnes voted for $3.4 billion worth of tax increase, but that’s just because he’s had fewer years to inflict damage on the economy,” Sinagra said. “It’s clear that our opponents have been part of the Trenton Democrat machine, whose tax and spend philosophy placed New Jersey jobs on the endangered species list.

“New Jersey will never be affordable for residents and businesses that create jobs unless we get rid of tax-hikers like our opponents and send Marcia and me to Trenton to implement the responsible fiscal policies our residents deserve and our businesses need to thrive and hire more people,” Sinagra said.

Sinagra, the former Helmetta Council President, and Silva, a former Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor who is now a successful small business owner, pointed to the 156,000 private-sector jobs lost in New Jersey as proof that the taxing policies supported by their opponents are bad for New Jersey, especially because the state has regained 50,000 private-sector jobs over the past two years when Republican fiscal policies have been enacted.

“As a small business owner, I know how important it is to have a stable financial picture in order to plan, grow and add employees,” Silva said. “I am proud that NFIB is supporting Joe and I because we are committed to reducing government spending to make New Jersey affordable for residents and businesses so that we can continue to replace the private-sector jobs our families need right now.

“The Diegnan-Barnes team was complicit in making tens of thousands of New Jersey jobs disappear,” Silva added. “We will bring those jobs back.”