Monday, October 17, 2011

Supports Silva, Sinagra for Assembly

It is incredible how our Democratic representatives in the 18th Legislative District are so far out of touch with their constituents and are once again trying to fool them. Just read state Sen. Buono’s news release reacting to Mayor Stahl’s endorsement of Republican Marcia Silva for the Assembly Monday: “Patrick, Peter and I are unshakable partners in the fight for families across Central Jersey”... “We worked to help middle-class families get tax relief by asking millionaires to pay their fair share”... “Reforming education funding”...

Let see how they worked for the middle-class:

? They let the millionaire tax expire.

? They voted for every tax increase that came in front of them during the Corzine and McGreevey years.

? The education reform she is talking about was to give more money to schools with no strings attached (your tax money), in an effort to secure teachers’ votes for the next election, all the while fighting at every level the real reform that Governor Christie proposed.

? The ethics reform proposed by our governor has been sitting on their desks with no action for more than one year.

Where were Barnes, Diegnan and Buono when Corzine, McGreevey and other governors balanced their budgets on the backs of the same people they now claim to fight for?

Is this the kind of representatives you want to re-elect? They don’t deserve it. In this election give a chance to two hardworking newcomers, not career politicians, vote for Marcia Silva and Joe Sinagra for the Assembly.

Miklos Bognar Sr.


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