Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Independent Business Federation picks Joe Sinagra and Marcia Silva over tax-hiking incumbents in NJ's 18th District

Joseph Sinagra and Marcia Silva, 18th District Republican Assembly candidates, received the endorsement of the New Jersey National Federation of Independent Business, yet another sign that the incumbents’ failed tax-hiking policies must be eliminated in order to spur job creation in New Jersey.

“Patrick Diegnan voted to raise taxes by nearly $10 billion over the last decade. Peter Barnes voted for $3.4 billion worth of tax increase, but that’s just because he’s had fewer years to inflict damage on the economy,” Sinagra said. “It’s clear that our opponents have been part of the Trenton Democrat machine, whose tax and spend philosophy placed New Jersey jobs on the endangered species list.

“New Jersey will never be affordable for residents and businesses that create jobs unless we get rid of tax-hikers like our opponents and send Marcia and me to Trenton to implement the responsible fiscal policies our residents deserve and our businesses need to thrive and hire more people,” Sinagra said.

Sinagra, the former Helmetta Council President, and Silva, a former Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor who is now a successful small business owner, pointed to the 156,000 private-sector jobs lost in New Jersey as proof that the taxing policies supported by their opponents are bad for New Jersey, especially because the state has regained 50,000 private-sector jobs over the past two years when Republican fiscal policies have been enacted.

“As a small business owner, I know how important it is to have a stable financial picture in order to plan, grow and add employees,” Silva said. “I am proud that NFIB is supporting Joe and I because we are committed to reducing government spending to make New Jersey affordable for residents and businesses so that we can continue to replace the private-sector jobs our families need right now.

“The Diegnan-Barnes team was complicit in making tens of thousands of New Jersey jobs disappear,” Silva added. “We will bring those jobs back.”

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