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Diegnan and Barnes and Yet Another Tax Increase

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Diegnan and Barnes and Yet Another Tax Increase
LD 18 Assembly Challenger: Gas Tax Just One of 115 Reasons Incumbent
Assemblymen are Out-of-Touch

HELMETTA – Long-time incumbents Patrick Diegnan and Peter Barnes are so used to raising taxes they don’t have any other ideas for New Jersey, Assembly Candidate Joe Sinagra said today in a statement.
“After over 100 tax increases, they just don’t know when to stop,” Sinagra said. “Peter Barnes has said he supports a gas tax increase. Patrick Diegnan was the primary sponsor of a gas tax increase bill. Does it ever end?”
He emphasized that the gas tax – one of the Trenton Democrats’ favorites -- leaves no person untouched.
“This affects everyone: seniors, families, individuals, small businesses. People want to be able to live and work here. People want to be able to take their children out or go visit friends. Diegnan and Barnes want to make that harder for them. There is no limit to what or who these Trenton drones are willing to tax,” he said.
Singara also highlighted the negative impact a gas tax will have on NJ businesses, “At a time when we face 9% unemployment and ‘ZERO’ job growth, Diegnan and Barnes want to force even more businesses to close their doors. This tax is a JOB KILLER, plain and simple.”
Sinagra added, “The Diegan-Barnes Team have increased payroll taxes, utility taxes and they even increased taxes on health care coverage! Not to mention that their cuts to school aid have driven property taxes through the roof.”
Everyday, people in this state have to cut back to make ends meet and, Sinagra said, it’s time Trenton did the same thing.
“Diegnan and Barnes aren’t willing to make any tough decisions to help our state. Their solution to every problem is to leech more money out of the citizens of New Jersey. It’s no wonder a record amount of residents are leaving our state every year.”
“There comes a point where enough is enough. Let’s stop taxing seniors, families, individuals, and businesses out of our state. Patrick Diegnan and Peter Barnes have sent enough people packing, maybe it’s their turn.”
Joe Sinagra is running for state Assembly in the 18th Legislative District which includes Edison, East Brunswick, Helmetta, Highland Park, Metuchen, South Plainfield, and South River.

The article in which Peter Barnes expresses his support can be found at the link below.

Patrick Diegnan’s Gas Tax Bill A1194 from the 2006-07 Legislative Session is enclosed.

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