Monday, October 26, 2009

Calling all jobs, where are you?

New Jersey should put an ad in the careers section of the paper for “JOBS WANTED.” At the current rate of unemployment we have more people out of work than job creation. We know Jon Corzines claim of creating 13,000 jobs was a farce, since we lost 12,000 jobs last month.

I have received the Commerce and Industry Endorsement due to my plan and views on bringing business back to this state. We need to focus jobs, industry; careers to jump start this economy and bring back companies that left, while enticing new start-up companies to build in New Jersey. We need to eliminate the corporate tax, penalties, and regulations that hinder business from growing and expanding.

Chris Christie "renewable energy initiative" is a plan to make New Jersey more attractive to industry by making our state business-friendly and actively seeking out renewable energy manufactures. Bringing the next generation of industry and better paying jobs for the middle class. Offering tax credits and eliminating costly and time-consuming “use variances” or zoning changes for solar energy construction.

To have a true end to a recession, you need a strong economy. Without a growing job market, we can only expect more lost incomes, foreclosures, less spending, less savings, and more families leaving the state.

Corzine and our assembly are the cause of the State’s current dilemma, contrary to what they want you to believe. They want to run for reelection to fix this state? The Democrats have had since 2002 to prove themselves, and have failed miserably.

We need representatives that will put the people first, something the taxpayers of this state currently do not have.

Joe Sinagra
NJ 18th District Assembly Candidate

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