Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jones, Sinagra will fight for lower taxes

I find it appalling that our current assemblymen Patrick Diegnan and Peter Barnes would resort to sending out mailers with so many untruths.

Marching in lockstep with Corzine, they voted for every increase the governor asked for. The voting record is on the web; I didn't have to look very hard. They would rather sling mud than to talk about your record of voting "yes" to $9 billion in tax increases, cutting school funding, increasing municipal taxes, and penalizing small business owners throughout New Jersey.

Joe Sinagra and Bob Jones have stuck to the issues; you have not and have thrown the first stone. Mr. Diegnan and Mr. Barnes deliberately sent out mailers through the Democratic Party attacking two standup gentlemen to steer us away from their own voting records.

Anyone who has followed Joe Sinagra, his letters, and campaigns would know these mailers are nothing but propaganda to try and sway the voters. Mr. Sinagra has been fighting for lower taxes since 2002, has been an advocate for the taxpayers of this state, had stuck up for the seniors and veterans. His letters in regards to taxes have always been in favor of the voters, not government, and he has been endorsed twice by the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey. Mr. Sinagra is a bi-partisan candidate who can work with both parties, as he is for the people first and not business as usual in Trenton.

Bob Jones was a member of the South Plainfield Board of Education and has numerous awards through several organizations, and was endorsed by the Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey, among many other respectable organizations.

Having been to several Tea Parties, and very active politically in New Jersey, I can tell you, Bob Jones and Joe Sinagra have no intent to increase taxes. Bob and Joe both have ideas for bringing jobs back into the state.

Personally, I would like to know why my taxes have risen so high, why has it become so costly to live in this state, why is our state unemployment so high, why education costs are being cut, why was our state funding cut?

This has all happened while the Barnes and Diegnan have been in office. Rather than answer those questions, they would rather confuse the voters with nonsense. They'd rather become re-elected through deceit, smoke and mirrors, only to elevate our taxes once more.

It's time to shake up the Trenton political attitude. You cannot continue continue to replenish the state's pockets at my expense. Household incomes are shrinking; looking at mine, let me ask you a question Mr. Barnes and Mr. Diegnan: "What have you done for me lately? "

S. B.

East Brunswick

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