Thursday, October 22, 2009

Assemblymen Diegan and Barnes Sink to a New Low

These two Assemblymen are grasping for votes, their numbers are sinking and are putting out mailers that are blatant lies, misrepresentation, and non-factual, in an effort to regain their footing. They can't run on their record of voting YES of increasing you're taxes to $9 billion, so they have resorted to mudslinging.

Dear Mr. Diegnan and Mr. Barnes:

You recently sent a campaign mailer into the 18th District accusing me of being a tax cheat. A mailer, which for all intents and purposes, is designed to put in the minds of the voters that while they are struggling to pay their taxes, I do not pay mine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Allow me to set the record straight:

My oldest son had a plumbing business under which I was the principal of the corporation.

Although I never received any funds or checks from the business - and drew no salary - ultimately as the corporation I was responsible for the business. As my son’s business base closed up, his bills became greater.

My son, in efforts to save his business, started out by laying off his help, closing his office and moving it into his home, hoping that the business would regain momentum. When it became evident this was not going to happen, he finally closed up shop.

In your recent mail piece, you state that I did not pay my State and Federal taxes. Get your facts straight - it was not a failure to pay taxes, but rather a lien against my son's business and the corporation. The liens - every penny of them - were satisfied several years ago.

Having lost one son through an accident in the Marines, my wife and I made a promise to do whatever we could to help our remaining son and daughter. I do not know of any responsible , loving parent who would not go out of their way to help their children get ahead, or help them if they were in trouble.

My son was in trouble with paying the back taxes and we paid them for him.

I did not run away from my responsibilities as a parent, or a businessman. I confronted the situation head on and did what was necessary to pay off this debt.

This is the same representation I will give the taxpayers if I am elected to office. I will not run or evade the hard issues we face ahead.

As our sitting Assemblymen, you should both be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. This desperate attack on me and my family shows the lengths you will go to keep your current seats; obviously you will resort to anything. You have crossed the line - attacking not only me, but my family.

Knowing what it is to lose a beloved son, I have no regrets. I would do it again for my family. . . even at the risk of another smear tactic such as this one.
Joe Sinagra

Joe Sinagra, Sr.
18th District Assembly Candidate

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