Monday, September 10, 2007

A Truck Load of Dynamite

Mexico has begun sending their tractor-trailers across U.S. territory under a long-delayed, NAFTA-mandated program. Already we can see the potential results under this program.

Just recently, a truck loaded with dynamite exploded after colliding with another vehicle on a busy highway in northern Mexico killing at least 34 people, injuring over 150 people, leaving a 10 by 40 foot crater.

We were lucky it wasn’t heading across the US . . . this time.

Mexican Trucks rolling across US Highways will kill off jobs for American truckers. It is a serious security risk, putting us all in jeopardy. Interstate-40 in San Bernadino County California has been a human smuggling route for years, this will open up more avenues for the smuggling of illegal aliens. This would also give the drug lords a little more flexibility in their shipments to the US.

Wait until the accidents start accumulating; try collecting on an insurance policy across the state border. Who will pick up the tab, the Mexican government or the American taxpayers? Many of our trucks that are not considered safe by US standards end up in Mexico. Those trucks will now be back on our roads.

Driving on our roads will be unskilled, unchecked, non-English speaking, no insurance holding drivers with trucks that are not road worthy.

With terrorism being a major concern for all of us, Mexican load checks are not required. This will provide a great way to transport weapons to terrorists already imbedded into our system. So much for Domestic Security.

Bill Clinton’s signature on the bottom line of the NAFTA treaty spelled the first giant step in reducing the middle class to poverty.

For years I have been saying the Unions are backing the wrong horse. Look at the trend in the trades, the halls are half full or less, skilled jobs are being lost to lower wages and unskilled labor. The influx of illegals is killing the Unions, and this is another nail into the Truckers coffins. Ask the UAW how many jobs were sacrificed to NAFTA.

In recent years truckers rates have gone up, not for long. The more drivers you have, the lower the rates, Economics 101 law of supply and demand.

We will have containers from all over the globe shipping to the US from Mexican ports, without any help from our longshoreman. How can our government guarantee Homeland Security?

The freight transportation providers, warehouses and distribution centers provides employment to over 484,000 workers in New Jersey.

There are many other issues at stake. There is a long road ahead of us, if we can manage to get to the end . . . without crossing the path of a truck loaded with dynamite.

Joe Sinagra
NJ 18th District
Assembly Candidate

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