Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Signs of Desperation

The average tax bill in South Plainfield for the year 2006 was $5,136.

There are large signs in South Plainfield with the slogan, “You heard Right” TAX CUTS. What is ironic is that the Democrats have had, and now have the majority control in South Plainfield.

South Plainfield is in the 7th Congressional District represented by Republican Congressman Mike Ferguson; also it is represented in the State Senate by Democrats Frank Lautenberg, and Bob Menendez.

As part of the 18th legislative district South Plainfield Democrat representatives are Senator Barbara Buono, and Assembly representatives Patrick Diegnan and Peter Barnes III. Prior to Peter Barnes III was his father Peter Barnes Jr., also Democrat.

Next we have all Democrat Freeholders, Director David Crabiel, Deputy Director Steven Dalina, and board members, Camille Fernicola, James Polos, John Pulomeno, Christopher Rafano, and Blanquita Valenti.

On the local level we have Democrat Mayor Charles Butrico, Democrat Council President Dennis J. Cerami, and Democrat council members Raymond S. Petronko, Joseph Scrudato and Kathleen Thomas. There are two Republicans Robert Bengivenga and Matthew Anesh.

New Jersey Democrats hold the Governorship, having majority control of both houses of the Legislature; Senate: 22-18 & Assembly: 49-31. The federal Democrats hold both U.S. Senate seats and also 7 out of 13 of the state's delegation to the United States House of Representatives.

It appears that the Democrats have had control in the state, county and local level for some time now, if tax cuts were the issue, they could have been cut long before the 2007 elections.

Homeowners have seen their property taxes increase, but yet will still vote strictly because of party affiliation, even if it means less disposable income in their pocket.

Last year South Plainfield officials voted to raise taxes and now they are going to give a tax cut. How much will you really get back after the election? Maybe the question should be, "Before I cast my vote, how much?"

Lowering taxes has been the Republican platform. From state taxes to local taxes, Republicans have been pushing for tax relief. In going to over 6,000 doors that is the number one issue with taxpayers in New Jersey this year. What the Democrats in South Plainfield are doing in their campaign strategy, is trying to turn the tax increase issue around to appear as if they had nothing to do with those increases.

Taxes have gone up on the state level and passed on to the county, which in turn passed those increases onto the local towns.

If your taxes went up 6 points last year and cut by ¼ of a percent to make it appear as if you are getting something back, that is not a tax cut. What you are getting back is a small rebate, which will more than likely go up again next year, undoubtedly more than what you are getting back. If there aren’t any funds available, and taxes had to go up to start with, where is South Plainfield getting the money to give back? You heard right (give us $600 and get back $25) “TAX CUTS”

It seems as if the officials running the show had plenty of time to lower taxes, in 8 years and a Democratic majority, taxes weren’t the issue.

Taxes could have been lowered before the elections, but to get re-elected you need to sweeten the pot, just a little.

Spending money on such large signs posted around South Plainfield touting “TAX CUTS, only appear to be large signs of desperation.

Joe Sinagra
NJ 18th District
Assembly Candidate

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Anonymous said...

I agree. The signs in South Plainfield saying "tax cut" are ridiculous. They raised taxes in January and now are trying to say they cut taxes. How silly.