Saturday, September 1, 2007

Spending 2 Billion Dollars for a Road We Won't Own

There is a plan by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to widen the Turnpike between Interchange 6 in Mansfield Township, Burlington County and Interchange 9 in East Brunswick Township, Middlesex County. The Turnpike Authority is to hold 4 hearings in September of 2007.

A distance of approximately 35 miles, the roadway is to be widened to 12 lanes with major modifications constructed at four interchanges.

When complete, the proposed program will result in a 12-lane (six in each direction) dual-dual roadway from Interchange 6 to Interchange 9, capable of accommodating projected traffic needs through the year 2032.

The program will add 170 lane miles at a cost of about $2-billion dollars.

The state has no money, we are broke, and the governor has not presented a plan as to what his intent is with the future of the New Jersey Turnpike.

I for one would like to know before the elections in November, and before the taxpayers acquire another 2 billion dollars of debt, what does our governor intend to do with this roadway?

Until we get our priorities in order and have some insight as to what we are facing there should be a moratorium placed on the expansion project.

New Jersey does not need a new spending plan, what New Jersey needs is a savings plan.

Joe Sinagra
NJ 18th District
Assembly Candidate

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