Saturday, February 18, 2012

"My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government." ~ Barack Hussein Obama

  • After promising transparency during his campaign, the current administration is the most secretive and corrupt, non- transparent and unconstitutional administration as there ever has been. This administration has stalled over records about its own efforts to be more transparent claiming exemptions 70,779 times just during the nine months Obama was President in the 2009 year alone.

  • A U.S. District Court Judge ruled that the secret service visitor logs should be readily available upon a request under the freedom of information act. The Department of (IN) Justice, led by Mr. Holder, filed a formal notice of appeal, saying that these records belong to the White House and are not public record. In a 2009 speech Obama stated that all records would be available. The “event” description in the logs is blank for more than 205,000 visits, including many that involved small meetings with the president and his key aides. Less than 1 percent of the estimated 500,000 visits to the White House in Obama’s first eight months (a time when the new administration was bustling with activity) have been disclosed. Logs include the names of people who never showed up, more than 200,000 visits with no time of arrival, an indication that the person didn’t enter the White House, as far as the records how anyway. How’s that for accuracy?

  • An administration that tried to hide information about the gun used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was one of the several thousand that this Government had intentionally sold, illegally and unconstitutionally, to the Mexican Drug Cartels on operation fast and furious. Congressional investigators demanded answers, answers are not coming easily from this Administration or the Federal Agencies involved.

  • This administration refused to release e-mails from Barrack Hussein Obama’s Blackberry, or any other White House internal messages, communications and papers etc relating to the Solyndra Loan. Information requested from the Congressional Investigation into the corrupt and illegal loan of $535 million of tax payers’ money to a so called ‘Green Energy Company’ that the previous administration had warned against. Investigators know that this entire deal was pushed through by the White House, despite warnings from several knowledgeable sources in the budget office and other financial institutions. The same transparency the progressives wanted from the Bush Administration does not pertain to them.

  • 100 special force soldiers sent to North Africa to take part in a targeted killing, in an area and in a matter that has no bearing or threat on American Security. The “boots on the ground” soldiers, fully battle ready had already been in position over a day before this President decided to notify Congress.

I seem to remember hearing the uttering of words "We will continue to work toward an unmatched level of transparency, participation and accountability across the entire administration." We can all see how that is working out.

So much for accountability through transparency.

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