Saturday, February 4, 2012

College says 'You're Fired!' Illegals Lose Campus jobs

California’s minimum wage went up in January, boosting the salaries of many.

As I have said and written in the past, is that when salaries increase the jobs for the uneducated become less. That’s what appears to be happening here. You have those who came here illegally working at minimum wage at jobs that paid low wages, but those jobs that no one would work, now pay substantially better.

After giving many illegal’s the opportunity to come to the US on a work or guest visa, millions decided to stay beyond the expiration date (millions more just plain ignored the legal process altogether) because the minimum was much better here than wages back home. After working for a few years they realized how much better it was here and now started complaining they weren’t making enough money to live, how they couldn’t survive on minimum wage.

It was never meant for survival but only as a means for a little extra pocket change for the extras. There are those who shout there should be a livable wage. But at $17 an hour those jobs seem more lucrative to those who didn’t want them before, and with thousands on unemployment that job is now very appealing. I’m sure at this campus alone there are thousands of students who would like to earn some money towards paying their expenses.

How many illegal’s breach existing laws, work in service industries serving and preparing food, and by bypassing the system, are hired never having had a medical exam?

For the last two years, many of the dining hall workers had been organizing to form a union, Unions like to use the term “buy American.” Then why solicit membership from non-citizens?

The article states one worker paid for her education over the years. I would think that as an employee of the campus she was getting a free education, not because she could afford to go on the $8 an hour she was getting, but in all that time she never considered getting her citizenship? How many legal citizens are not accepted because they have to compete against the fulfillment of those courses by illegals?

Government never had the manpower to follow up on immigration policies even when they were first enacted. The Federal Government ignored existing immigration laws for years, allowing this to spread beyond the scope of enforcement. Now, due to the ineptness of our government our congressional officials like to say the system is broken. The only thing broken was letting this happen on their watch and to cover up they try and push the ‘Dream Act’ on the American public in the form of Amnesty. The problem is ‘amnesty“ still does not solve the problem of the illegal crossing our borders.

Immigrant Worker Firings Unsettle a College Campus

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