Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Immigration Reform . . . A Sleeping Giant

As a nation of immigrants, we should have sense enough to distinguish between immigrants who have come seeking freedom, and wary of those who might take it away.

It could mean lost votes for the party against immigration reform, building a stronger alliance amongst illegal’s for the party in favor of reform. The controlling party in favor of amnesty will gain support amongst those who have been here illegally, but will still need the cooperation of the American Public to remain in power if they are to pursue amnesty to garner those votes. But in trying to gain the support of the illegal groups, that party may lose credibility with the American public, and be the end for the party that proposes amnesty for many years to come.

The mathematical calculations are simple. Legalizing and enfranchising millions of voters who will favor liberal Democrats by 60 to 75 percent will inflict enormous political, economic, and social damage on the nation that could last for generations. Hope for lower taxes, reduced government spending and regulation, strengthened constitutional government, and a society that honors the moral and religious traditions of its founders will be down the drain along with all the other values that make for a strong and free nation. It would assimilate into our society those who know little of our history, our constitutional principles, and our moral foundations, and who might by demagoguery and ignorance unwittingly be the instruments of our destruction.

Should amnesty be placed on the table again, it could make a mockery of our laws. Illegals will continue to come, hoping and knowing they could expect a subsequent amnesty.

Un-employment for African-Americans is in excess of 15% and higher for those 45 and over. Would any American at this point want to open the door and add 12 million more people in terms of all legal rights and benefits when we can’t even provide healthcare and benefits for the people who are citizens, or jobs? $28 billion a year leaves this country in terms of income to undocumented families.

Does just being here qualify one to become a citizen? Those who worked hard to become part of our society verses someone who contributed nothing. What will be the gauge to judge the path to citizenship?

Amnesty hastens even more illegal immigration, as amnestied individuals will come to join relatives or believe that if they can just elude the Border Patrol and stay underground for a few years, they will eventually get amnesty themselves.

Amnesty is unfair to the millions of aliens who are waiting outside the country for their turn to come legally to the United States.

Amnesty will punish the legal immigrants by greatly increasing the time it takes to obtain visas. Because of the 1986 amnesty, permanent residents now have to wait 4 to 6 years to obtain visas for their wives and husbands. Once illegal immigrants are given amnesty and lawful permanent residence, they can petition for visas for their family members - increasing the backlog of petitions by years.

Immigration reform will be discussed and shuffled around, but nothing will be done prior to November. Once again it will become a political football as in 1986, distracting and dividing the public from the other issues at hand. It will not be pushed through like the Health Care bill, as it will become political suicide for many legislators if that were to happen.

Immigration reform cannot be pushed through just for the sake of party power. If reform is to take place it must be a bipartisan effort, not one party or the other trying to grandstand. Reform that will not reward illegal’s at the expense of those who earned their right to become citizens, reform that is fair and not create divisiveness amongst the voters of this country.

Immigration reform is the sleeping giant that will change the landscape of America as we know it, forever. Without thoughtful deliberation, once in motion the consequences cannot be reversed.

The issue of immigration reform cannot be pushed thru. Nor, should we as voters allow it to be.

~ Joe Sinagra

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