Friday, May 14, 2010

Amnesty will not Stop Illegal Immigration

In 1997, the illegal alien population was 54 percent Mexican. The illegal alien population is currently 70 percent Mexican, adding another 30 percent coming from other countries. Latin America, including Mexico, is the source of 90 percent of illegal aliens entering into the United States.

Not all illegal aliens are from Mexico.

A Fox News article stated that "it is not just Mexicans who are flooding into our border states anymore. Along with Nicaraguans, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, and Chileans, agents of the Border Patrol now encounter Chinese, Pakistanis, and Indians.

Intentionally low statistics, and misleading official government estimates claim that 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens reside in the United States and 700,000 new illegal’s enter and stay every year. Closer to the truth is more than 25 million illegal aliens presently reside in the United States, with roughly 16,000 additional illegal aliens entering every day, or as many media outlets like to label it . . . "undocumented".

Many illegal immigrants obtain their "illegal" status by entering the country illegally. Once in the foreign country, illegal immigrants tend to become employed in what is known as "low skilled jobs." These jobs are often labor intensive and tend not to attract many employees or draw attention to them. It is common for illegal immigrants to have family or friends in a foreign country, in areas with high immigrant populations, where closed societies are formed which often offer support to illegals.

Our government has failed to control illegal immigration on all levels. Legislators are now addressing the problem at the local level, with bills to manage it incrementally, piece-by-piece, rather than trying to fix this national calamity at once—enforcement now becoming a near impossible task.

The majorities of Americans are demanding we secure the borders, enforce existing laws with no sanctuary status, and punish employers who violate employment laws, remove incentives by curbing social services and demand that Latin American leaders discourage illegal entry into our country.

By removing the social services and job inducement that attract them into our country, significant self-deportation will occur. This is now the case with many returning to Mexico as there isn’t any work in our current economy.

We have immigration laws that must be enforced, using our military to help police our borders could possibly be an asset in protecting homeland security.

We proclaim that we are a nation of laws, but yet have been lax in enforcing those laws and our immigration policies.

Since 1929, illegal entry into the United States has been a federal crime. Those of us who live here legally are citizens not residents. Many immigrants came from other countries to Ellis Island studying to gain citizenship, all taking the time to learn our history, language, laws, to become part of this great nation. Not only so they could take advantage of the opportunities America had to offer, but to contribute to our society as well. They did not expect a government that bestowed them with entitlements.

The great majorities of Americans respect our laws and raise their children to do the same, yet they're painfully aware of the millions who enter our country who not only violate our immigration laws, but virtually every law that exists.

The opportunity to live and work in America must remain an invited and controlled privilege, not to be gained by backdoor amnesty tactics or by paying a small fine.

Over $28 billion is sent back across the border every year. Not all of it is to support the poor families over the border, much of it is used to pay for off the human smugglers and drug cartels back home.

Illegal’s also pay a price for unreported crimes against them, for fear of deportation. Many will not assimilate into our society due to the fact that they do not need to, or for that matter have to.

Preserving your culture is one thing, but to push your heritage while in another country illegally is quite rude and insulting.

Thousands upon thousands of Americans, lose their jobs and homes due to illegal hiring, the undercutting of prevailing wages, jobs lost to NAFTA and offshore business. The cry of Illegal’s that do the work that Americans won’t do is nothing but a self-serving myth. Citizens and legal immigrants would proudly fill those jobs, but at prevailing wage.

It is also ironic, the very same people here illegally who cry their rights are being violated, while mocking our laws, our principles and demanding that legal citizens pay their way because of the plight they are in, is offensive. But yet, in returning to their own country as prospects dry up in the United States, they object to their current situation that they are being forced to return to their old way of life. Their own government complains that they now have the added stress that will be placed on their economy of providing for returning illegal’s. It would now overtax the burden that would be placed on their schools, housing, and hospitals of their society, they don't have the funds to provide for those services.

Many legislators "talk tough" about border security while at the same time they provide billions of dollars in government services for those in the country illegally, it is somewhat paradoxical.

Border Guards are expected to enforce border control, and arrest or detain anyone who enters the US without going through the proper channels. But yet if that same illegal were to get through and get lost into any town across the country amongst their groups, they are now offended if their legal status is questioned, and the illegal groups rally that they are being harassed.

In order to recognize the seriousness of the crisis and urgency for a return to the rule of law and secured borders that the United States Constitution demands, it is important to recognize the magnitude of the facts and principles that have been established for our protection. Until the Federal Government reacts to what has been ignored for years, it cannot fault states that make their own laws to control an out of control situation.

Legislators regardless of what party they belong to would be remiss in ignoring the situation at hand, only because it is dependent on whether or not they would secure their re-election.

The American people, the citizens of this country would like to have our existing laws enforced, not to re-write history. It is hard to achieve the American dream, whatever those dreams may be, when you are not an American.

It needs to be addressed before it gets worse, and now may be the time with so many illegal’s going back home.

Writer William Weiss had this to say,
Amnesty is not viable because it neither reduces nor eliminates illegal immigration. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 granted amnesty to illegal immigrants who entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and who had been continuous residents. An estimated two to three million people gained citizenship as a result of this bi-partisan bill sponsored by a Republican president and a Democratic Congressional majority. Both sides of the aisle were part of this “solution.” More than 20 years later, we still have the same problem -- only it is five to 10 times worse.

Amnesty is not the cure all, and by allowing the crossing of our borders on a daily basis to continue without re-enforcement is not the answer either. An amnesty bill in itself will not curtail illegals from entering the United States, and in fact would only exacerbate an all ready out of control situation.

It must be an equitable solution by all, a solution that will remedy our current state of affairs, and correct future immigration policies so we are never in this situation again.

It would be unjust to set in motion and push forth a measure on a national level merely for the sake of getting it done and the mentality "we did it first", the legal citizens of America must not let that happen.

~ Joe Sinagra

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