Thursday, November 8, 2007

Corzine & Codey Illogical Logic

By Joe Sinagra | November 8, 2007

The following was in The Home News Tribune today

Stem-cell backers vow fight

Though voters rejected a proposal to borrow $450 million over 10 years for stem-cell research, New Jersey officials say they will proceed with backing the science.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine said Wednesday that he understands voters are demanding that the state’s finances be put in order before taking on the project but will not halt plans to borrow $270 million to build stem-cell research facilities throughout the state.

Both Codey and Corzine said Tuesday’s vote does not reflect New Jerseyans’ attitude toward stem-cell research but that a low turnout and an upset electorate led to the question’s demise.

Using their same logic, I lost by a small percentage of the vote, because of low turnout and an upset electorate. It doesn’t really reflect New Jerseyans’ attitude and I should plan on taking office after the 1st of the year.

Corzine’s and Codey’s logic should apply to all candidates who did not win.

This voter be damned attitude is what is bankrupting the state. It doesn’t matter what side of the issue your on, we just do not have the money to finance something of this magnitude. What part of this does Trenton not get! Lets pay off the debt we already have first! If your house is being foreclosed on, are you going to borrow money for a Carribean cruise?

It is the public be damned mentality, that got us into the financial mess we are in. We had an election process and the voters have spoken, now our Governor doesn’t like the outcome of those results and is telling the voters I don’t care what you want, your vote doesn’t count. We can get away with anything we want and no one can stop us is their attitude.

This isn’t Burger King and he should not be allowed to have it his way.

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