Thursday, November 8, 2007

Biased News Media

The following letter was sent to The Home News Tribune twice before the election, and forwarded to me recently by the writer, who expressed to me his disappointment in not seeing his letter published prior to the election.

The paper called the person who composed it to confirm it was their letter, however the newspaper did not publish this because I was not their pick.

This letter is in its entirety as sent to me. The last name of the sender has been abbreviated.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I recently attended the NAACP Candidate's Forum held in Edison, NJ. It was enlightening to hear 18th District Assembly Candidate Joe Sinagra speak on the issues.

His insight on what he would do if he were elected to get minorities more involved in the political process was the response we should have heard from the Democrats that are in office now.

To be brutally honest, the response from the Middlesex County freeholders who attended this forum was pathetic. They actually went on to tell us about their environmental opinions, how they have impacted taxes, and why they are qualified to be re-elected. They were talking about themselves and still not answering the question that was directed at them. They could not explain why they have not reached out to the Latino and Afro-American communities in the 18th district.

The response Assemblyman Barnes gave on Abbott Districts echoed party philosophy, which did not sit well with me and the others in the audience. It definitely was not the position that is best for the students.

Mr. Sinagra matched the concerns of our community and was more in tune with the issues than the politicians currently holding office. I was very surprised with Mr. Sinagra's insight on minority issues. Mr. Sinagra spoke honestly, intelligently, and compassionately.

There were several other good candidates in attendance who I would consider, but I was particularly impressed, as well as others in the audience with his confidence, openness, and candidness. Bill England also spoke very well and was very intelligent on educational issues.

Sinagra and England were among the few candidates who did not rush to leave after the forum, and made a point to stay and talk with everyone in the room.

I believe as a minority, if we are to have the representation we are looking for, we need someone who is ready to listen, a person who is willing to actively get minorities involved in the political process, a candidate who will reach out to our communities, Joe Sinagra is the person to vote for.

Guerino L.
Bordentown, NJ

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