Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Weiner Across the Board

by Joe Sinagra
As Anthony Weiner’s self-induced trials and tribulations continue to consume media attention, we’re already starting to see something which we should’ve expected: attempts to make it seem as if Weiner isn’t a weener outside of his regrettable sexting habit.

In reality, Weiner’s congressional record shows him to be a legislator who liked calling press conferences and introducing bills but rarely followed through and achieved results for his constituents. He often succeeded only in acting like a embarrassing fool.

The only bill he wrote and sponsored that did become law involved reducing cigarette sales-tax evasion, a move which happened to benefit a major donor and family friend who worked as a cigarette distributor. And on a personal level…?

A few examples from NY Mag and the Gothamist:
- In 2005, he became so irritated with a staff member that he allegedly threw a salad against the wall, then left the room as the dressing slowly dripped, leaving a stain.

- In the midst of an argument with an aide, Mr. Weiner reportedly threw his BlackBerry against a wall, and then had the gall to blame the aide for the broken phone.
- Weiner once had aides call air-traffic control in an attempt to have his plane moved up in the departure order.
Many Democrats have been reported as saying his unwillingness to be a team player affected his ability to be an effective congressman. Even those who worked alongside him believed him to be a lawmaker with little patience for crafting legislation and possessing a single-minded focus on generating attention so he could run for mayor of New York.

Talk about role models, hell . . . if the liberals saw nothing wrong with Ted Kennedy leaving a woman underwater while going home to sleep and remain in the Senate for 46 years, Weiner could be a shoo in.

The media even says he is a ‘stand up’ guy. Not by any objective criteria of which I'm aware,

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