Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reporting Unbiased from a Star Ledger Columnist?

Paul Mulshine is a columnist for the “wink, wink” conservative Star Ledger is nothing more than David Wiildstein in sheep’s clothing.

January 13 headlines read for his column
Chris Christie has no credibility”. His last sentence reading, “But as of noon Tuesday, that cover-up will start coming uncovered.” . . . As of yet there is no proof of a cover-up on the Governors part.
January 27th Paul Mushine headlines about Chris Christie . . .” A Caesar who fell on his own sword in the Bridgegate scandal”.  Stating that the governor didn’t lift a finger to stop it . . . There was nothing for the governor to stop.

Paul Mulshine doesn’t really know where he stands on the issue and jumped all over the Christrie flack along with every other media liberal reporter and now predicts, “Now that I think of it, aside from the current kerfuffle, this may actually be a good sign for Christie in the long run. This could be an indication that Wildstein has no knowledge of Christie involvement pre-closure. If that's the case, the Gov would likely survive this scandal damaged but still standing.”

Pretty much what I wrote January 22nd  in Matt Rooney's Save Jersey, “
If there are no hard facts after the bridge fiasco to link the Governor with having a hand in what transpired by showing his resolve to deal with controversy and still do his job, Christie may come out of this stronger than the storm.”

Mulshine can’t wait to find the smoking gun on the governor hoping he would have the “hold the presses story” but yet he found no wrong with a diplomat being killed. He has stated, “. . .
if I never hear the word "Benghazi" again, then I will enter either heaven or hell as a happier man.”

Now that is what I call unbiased reporting from an unbiased man.

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