Thursday, January 31, 2013

Considering Senator Menendez makes $172,000 in salary in which he has to pay for staff and overhead.

According to Bob Ingle’s Politic Patrol, “Menendez’s office said the senator paid for three trips aboard a plane owned by Dr. Salomon Melgen but it didn’t say how the trips were paid for. The Associated Press reported it found no records reporting payments to Melgen or trips aboard Melgen’s plane six years worth of office and travel-related expenses for Menendez’s Senate office, or in six years worth of campaign expenses on file with the Federal Election Commission.”

Where did he come up with the $58,000?

Campaign donor Melgen also owes 11.1 million in back taxes . . . his plane wasn’t confiscated? Perhaps because of his connections this was another oversight.In light of the allegations against Senator Menendez he has decided to pay for the trips to the Dominican Republic . . . sloppy bookkeeping? I think not, perhaps backpedaling to cover the recent accusations would be more appropriate.

It took three years to come up with the money?

Anyone trying to call Senator Menendez's office . . . the staff doesn't answer or it stays busy . . . are they hiding from the pedophile sex scandal?

He can also be reached through his state offices at
Barrington New Jersey 08007

856.546.1526 (fax)

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