Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Sinagra says Thank You to All

I would like to thank the voters in the 18th District, who took a few minutes out of their lives to come out and show their support.

It is almost impossible to repay all the dedicated people who believed in our campaign. The unselfishness of all the volunteers who gave up their days, evenings, weekends to work the phone banks, going door to door, and handing out of literature literally leaves me speechless, many who went above and beyond what was asked of them, there are no words that can express my gratitude, and the many friends and family who have given kind words of comfort, along with countless others. I would also like to mention our Treasurer Andria, who did a great job on keeping the finances in line. I can’t forget our Campaign Manager Mandi, who practically lived at the headquarters from the day she was hired. Many thanks to Rick Rosenberg and Mark Duffy.

I also need to thank Assembly Leader, Alex DeCroce for his overwhelming generosity in donating to our campaign. The State GOP who targeted the 18th district this year and made this a competitive campaign! Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno for making a stop at Edison’s Campaign Headquarters, and Governor Chris Christie for making a detour in his busy schedule to come to Edison to give our campaign a boost. Their help in helping our base with a three day 72 hour GOTV was a much needed shot of adrenalin that kept our voulunteers focused. My only regret is not that I didn't win, is that once more I am unable to represent those who cast their vote in their belief that I could best represent them.

Considering the 18th District lost Spotswood and gained Highland Park which has a primarily Democrat voter base, the gauntlet was set from the onset. I believe we had a very successful campaign in spite of the outcome, as the odds were in the favor of the opposition due to redistricting, and they of course will have larger margins of win percentages as their voter base is larger.

I don't believe our opponents won anything other than their own voter base. I doubt that a large majority of Middlesex County Republicans voted  to keep the current status quo. I do believe on the flip side there were many Democrats who voted on the Republican ticket this year, and I find it amusing that our opponents spent a massive amount of funds to win their own voter base.

One commercial accused me of being a Tea Party extremist. Before the Tea Party came into prominence, I have always run as a fiscal conservative.  I don't see how wanting to lower property taxes, putting more disposable income back into the pockets of the taxpayers, and creating jobs by giving business owners the tools needed to expand and grow makes one an extremist. As a matter of record it was because of being a fiscal conservative is the reason the Tea Party supported me. 

We were endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and I was endorsed by the Commerce and Industry of New Jersey (CIANJ) three times in a row. I would think that our opponents record of voting YES to increase our taxes 115 times is a bit extreme, to say the least.

It says something when the arrogance of your opponents who are so sure of winning, won't take the time to debate the issues.

My counterpart on the ticket, Marcia Silva made it a pleasure to run for office this year, a successful attorney, a single mom raising two kids, a centralist on many of the issues. (Many wouldn’t know that by our opponents commercials and attacks.)  Somehow she managed to run, in my book, a household, a job, a successful campaign and still maintain her sanity. 

To finish out the thank you list I certainly can’t forget my wife, who had the patience in putting up with me throughout the season. I think halfway through the campaign she may have started thinking of me as a renter who was using the garage to store political stuff.
There will be other races, who knows, if the support is there in the future, I may have another campaign left in me . . . after I check with the wife of course.

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