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When will Diegnan side with taxpayers rather than special interest unions who bankroll his campaign?

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Sinagra and Silva accuse Diegnan of Selling his Vote Against
Bi-Partisan Pension and Benefit Reform a Decade Ago

GOP challengers ask Barnes and Diegnan the $84,000 question: When will Diegnan side taxpayers rather than special interest unions who bankroll his campaign?

SOUTH RIVER, NJ- Joe Sinagra of Helmetta and Marcia Silva of South River, the Republican candidates for New Jersey State Assembly in the 18th District, questioned Barnes and Diegnan’s impartial consideration of the bi-partisan pension and benefit reform voted on today, which will save taxpayers $122 billion over the next 30 years, in light of the $84,750* in campaign contributions they have received from public unions since 2001.

“Unfortunately we were not surprised by Barnes and Diegnan’s vote against the bi-partisan pension and benefit reform bill today,” said Sinagra, the former Council President of Helmetta. “We are still deeply disappointed in his reckless disregard for this bill which sought to fix the broken pension and health benefit system he has neglected since entering the legislature.”

Former Assistant Middlesex County Prosecutor and successful small business owner Marcia Silva added, “The struggling families and seniors in our district deserve answers to some very serious questions that have arisen due to Barnes and Diegnan’s careless vote today. The most important question of the day is why should the residents of the 18th district take Barnes and Diegnan seriously when they talk about lowering state spending and fixing our broken state?”

Patrick Diegnan has received $66,500 in contributions from public union special interests since 2001. Barnes has been the recipient of $18,250 since his first Assembly election in 2007.

“For the last decade, Diegnan has chosen to ally with special interest unions who fill his campaign coffers to make sure he stands in the way of reforms our state desperately needs”, said Sinagra.
“It’s clear that $66,500 is enough for Diegnan to share the stage with union bosses who think it’s appropriate to compare our state leaders to Nazis. It is also clear that he will oppose any effort that counteracts his failed policies that have left us with 115 new and increased taxes, 9.4% unemployment, and towering state debt that threatens the very foundation of our state government”, said Silva.

Sinagra concluded, “Struggling taxpayers and small businesses understand that the status quo Diegnan seeks to protect is not working in our state. We need leaders who will make tough decisions with a mind clear of campaign fundraising to put our state back on track.”

*  Based on ELEC report filed by the campaigns of Peter Barnes and Patrick Diegnan for every cycle from the 2001 Primary to the 2011 Primary. Database of contributions available upon request.

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