Friday, June 24, 2011

Assemblyman Diegnan and Barnes vote against pension reform in lieu of $84,750 in union campaign contributions

Recently, national CWA labor leader Chris Shelton in speaking to the crowd in front of the New Jersey Statehouse said “Welcome to Nazi Germany”, comparing NJ Governor Chris Christie to Adolph Hitler and Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) as his two generals. He further stated "Any politician who stands up against collective bargaining, in this state or any other, is not a Democrat, they’re Nazis, goddamn it."

As a professional, Chris Shelton was out of line for taking the lord name's in vain, and off the mark by condemning Democrats who didn't agree with his stance into eternal damnation.

There were almost 50,000 Italian-Jews who were sent to the Nazi death camps, along with the millions of Jews who perished during the Holocaust. His remarks are offensive and should be construed as such. Many soldiers died to rid the world of the likes of Adolph Hitler, and the right for those like Shelton to spew his vitriol. For Shelton to ask the crowd “Are we ready for WWIII?” disrespects what our soldiers paid the ultimate price for. There are no similarities between the rally in Trenton and the Holocaust horrors and is an affront to all victims of Nazi crimes.

Attending that rally were Assemblymen Patrick Diegnan and Peter Barnes from the 18th District who supported Chris Shelton's platform and it showed as they voted against the bi-partisan pension and benefit reform bill, a bill that will potentially save taxpayers $122 billion over the next 30 years.

Are they for the rights and freedoms of those they profess to represent? Or do they want to continue with their "public be damned" attitude, only to serve their self interests regardless of the cost?

Is it because of the $84,750 in campaign contributions they have received from public unions since 2001 that conflicted with doing what was right for the taxpayers of the 18th district. The voters should be disappointed for their blatant disregard for this bill which sought to fix the broken pension and health benefit system which they as representatives have neglected since entering the legislature. Struggling taxpayers and small businesses understand the status quo Diegnan and Barnes seek to protect, and realize that status quo it is not working in our state.

Republicans and Democrats working together for the benefit of the people of New Jersey are refreshing. Voting partisan politics no longer works, it is time the people are represented, not special interests. Legislators need to do what they were elected for and that is to represent the people, without the fear of intimidation, name calling or being condemned into eternal damnation.

We need leaders who will make tough decisions with a mind clear of campaign fundraising to put our state back on track.

~ Joe Sinagra
    18th District NJ Assembly Candidate

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