Sunday, August 23, 2009

Health Care, another Clunker program?

I agree with Dana Perino of Fox News.

Now that the Democrats control every office in Washington, the obligation is theirs to enthuse and lead on key reforms they want to pass. Yet they seem to get so offended when someone wants to know how the legislation will affect them and their families.

If they want to get support, there are some questions that need answering. People want to know how the bill will change their personal health care coverage, how much will it really cost, how are we going to pay for this program, and what the benefits will be for them.

The Congressional Budget Office put forth that the House bill will cost over $1 trillion dollars for the first ten years, that it will only cover a fraction of the uninsured, and that taxes are likely to be raised across the board.

Of course when the CBO puts out a message like that, Americans are going to start to have questions, they start packing town hall meetings, calling their Congressman, are more interested in the debates, and asking more questions.

The problem is the Democrats can’t answer questions to their own plan, and when questioned on it they become irate and start blaming someone else. First it was Republicans against reform, next it was Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, when that didn’t work they started blaming journalists, now the blame is on the insurance companies.

The ironic part of this is that the Democrats talked about the affordability and accessibility of health insurance in New Jersey. They appropriated millions of additional dollars to provide health insurance to low and moderate income state residents through the Family Care program. At the same time they imposed new taxes on health insurance providers, the cost of which is being passed on to policyholders, making insurance even less affordable.

You can’t sell Health Care reform if you haven’t read the bill.

Look at the bill, and then ask your representative to explain it. The majority of people like their healthcare, they do not want higher taxes to pay for this proposal.

If the sales representative can’t sell a product they know nothing about it and can’t give you a straight answer, how can you intelligently respond to those who want answers? In the rush to get this bill out to mainstream America, the only one you can target is the one who came up with the marketing plan in the first place.

Also how long is it going to take to get the health insurance companies their payments? Government can't even pay car dealers for the clunker program in a timely manner because of all the beauracratic red tape, and the American public is supposed to accept the fact, that their health coverage is in good hands?

Remember the Yugo?

Joe Sinagra
18th District Assembly Candidate

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