Monday, December 22, 2008

Equal Time For Plant Life

It is a scientific fact that plants "cry in pain" when attacked or damaged by a hungry herbivore. They do have their own "alarm" reaction to tissue damage and, in an effect curiously similar to that in animals.

Plants make a hormone called "Jasmonic acid" when they are in distress. It signals the production of plant-defense compounds -- it works a little like a shot of pain, warning the plant that it is under attack. It can also pass off a vapor and warn nearby plants, a chain reaction that's like a warning signal to other plants.

Plant life is "life" after all and should be treated as such. I do not see any plant demonstrators saying we shouldn't be harvesting plants for medical research, or that nurseries are cramming vegetables into small containers. They are kept in nurseries all their life. There are some species of plants that are going to be "extinct" if we do not act now.

Nurseries are cramming new sprouts and seeds into plant mills and are harvested as soon as they are ripe. They don't even get a chance to blossom. Thousands of seeds are being thrown out or discarded. Who is going to take in all the discarded seeds?

Thousands of fruits and vegetables are just ripped from the vine they grow up on, and thrown away because they aren't good enough.

It is easier to kill a plant because it cannot move, you cannot hear it scream or see it look you in the eye as you drain the life from them. How cruel can it be, to pull them out by their roots and throw them into a pot of boiling water, or a pan full of boiling oil?

Just because plants do not have nervous systems and cannot run away from predators, does that mean they do not experience pain and suffering?

Let little Fauna and Flora live, once all plant life is destroyed, all animal life would cease to exist.

Plants provide us with oxygen; cows provide us with methane gas.

Save a plant today, eat red meat.

A good steak today will save a salad for tomorrow.

Joe Sinagra

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