Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Concert in the Bay?

The Concerts by the Bay in Perth Amboy may end up in the bay if the Garden State Symphonic Band does not receive funding in the very near future.

The Concerts by the Bay depends on banks, business, industries and individuals to help pay through donations, in presenting the shows to the public.

The managing director had said that the concerts could no longer rely on the city for funding because governments also are strapped for cash. He also went on further to say that the problem with funding may be a sign that the concerts are not as important to the city as they had been.

One reason may be that the state of New Jersey has placed so many taxes on New Jersey business, government raising the minimum wage, taking more money out of the taxpayers pockets, business and individuals need what they have left to pay their own bills. I have always said when people have less disposable income it will create a greater hardship on the economy.

When the state cuts back on funding, when municipalities now have to come up with a means to fund their own local governments, it has a ripple effect. It may take awhile to take effect, but when you raise the sales tax, raise the municipal tax, increase budgets the taxpayers run out of what I call ‘giveaway money’. What ever is left in their pockets they will use to pay their bills, and enjoy a night out on occasion.

Placing more restrictions on small business, more taxes, mandating what they have to pay their employees means less profit and less money to spend.

Even if it is scaled back to having less than 10 concerts, if the money is not there, it does not matter how many concerts you have, where are you going to get it?

The director said he plans to ask the city for funds, if he does, is it a loan? It was previously stated governments are strapped for cash. How does a town find $10,000 to give to a concert and then explain to the taxpayers why they just raised their taxes?

I do not believe it is because people don’t want to have a concert, but cash is getting to be a tight commodity these days. Any program based on donations, may have to face the fact that if the cash flow stops going to those who provide the funds you are going to be the last one to receive charity. Charity starts at home first.

The season was to end with the patriotic song "Stars and Stripes Forever." Possibly, another reason is not that the concerts are not as important to the city as they had been, there just are not enough patriots left with enough money to pay and listen to it.

Joe Sinagra
NJ 18th District
Assembly Candidate

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